Smiley Xtra 5 Discontinued

I am sad to announce that support for Smiley Xtra 5 has been discontinued. This website will remain for the time being, but there will be no further updates to Smiley Xtra nor any e-mail support.


Smiley Xtra hasn't been actively developed for a number of years, largely due to my lack of time and the fact that I no longer use Firefox as my primary browser. During this time, I have maintained e-mail support and allowed Mozilla to automatically update the extension to work with new versions of Firefox. However, recently Smiley Xtra has stopped working for certain search queries. For example, at the time of writing the search 'test' will return smilies, but searching for 'happy' won't. I believe this is due to a change by deviantART to their RSS feed, but I haven't had to time to look into it properly and nor will I.

So regretfully, and after 9 years of Smiley Xtra, I have decided to call it a day on Smiley Xtra.

Won't somebody think of the smilies?!

It's not all bad news though - Smiley Xtra will continue to function for the time being (until the next version of Firefox at least), and all the smilies that you previously enjoyed through Smiley Xtra will still be available through the DeviantART Emoticon category.

If there are any experienced Firefox extension coders out there who would like to take on Smiley Xtra, please get in touch and we can discuss whether there is any potential in someone else taking it on.

This is me, signing off

Finally, I just want to say thanks to all the users Smiley Xtra has had over the years. It's a sad thing to close the project down, especially when I know there are still people out there who use it regularly. However, having thought about it I think it's the right thing to do - I'd rather choose to finish it whilst it still works, than let it dwindle into nothingness as it slowly becomes useless.

Thanks again, and keep smiling,