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Instead of inserting the smiley, Smiley Xtra is inserting a load of text!

This is what's supposed to happen. Smiley Xtra can only insert the code to display the smiley - it is up to the website in question to process that code when you submit the form and replace it with the appropriate smiley.

Smiley Xtra doesn't work with ...

Unfortunately, there seems to be compatability problems with some sites, and Smiley Xtra isn't able to insert the smiley into the textareas and text boxes on these sites. This is believed to be due to JavaScript and AJAX on the problem sites.

This problem can be worked around by setting Smiley Xtra to copy the smiley to the clipboard and then pasting the smiley into the textarea or text box.

Smiley Xtra says that there are "No Smilies Found"

Smiley Xtra 5 works differently from previous versions of Smiley Xtra. Instead of downloading a database and showing you the smilies in it, it downloads the smilies as you need them. So until you tell it what you're looking for, it won't know what to find!

Type your search query into the Search box at the top of the sidebar, and Smiley Xtra will display all the smilies matching your query. If it still says No Smilies Found, then there aren't any smilies that match your query and you need to try searching for something else.

Smiley Xtra doesn't appear on my toolbar

You can add the Smiley Xtra icon to your toolbar by dragging it from the Customise dialogue to your toolbar. To open the Customise dialogue, right click on the toolbar and choose Customise....