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Quickstart Guide

Smiley Xtra 5 has been designed to be as straight forward and as easy to use as possible. If you need a bit of a pointer to get started though, we've put together this short guide to run you through using Smiley Xtra.

Opening Smiley Xtra

You can open the Smiley Xtra 5 sidebar in a number of ways. The best way for quick access is to add the Smiley Xtra 5 button to your toolbar. To do this, right click on your toolbar and choose Customise.... Then add the button where you want by dragging it from the dialogue that appears to your toolbar.

If you'd rather not add Smiley Xtra to your toolbar, you can also open the Smiley Xtra sidebar from the View->Sidebar menu.

Searching For Smilies

Having opened the Smiley Xtra sidebar, the next thing you need to do is find the smiley you want. This is done by typing in to the search box at the top of the sidebar. Searching is done automatically a few seconds after you stop typing, or if you're in a rush you can search instantly by hitting the return key. Smilies matching your search criteria will be displayed in the results box (the main body of the sidebar).

If you can't find a smiley that you like (or no smilies are found at all!), then try rephrasing your query.

Previewing Search Results

To preview an individual smiley, simply select it in the results box and it will be loaded into the preview area at the bottom of the sidebar. If you'd rather view all the results at once however, you can do so by clicking the Preview Results button at the top of the sidebar. This will load a page in a new tab displaying all the smilies that match your search query.

Inserting Smilies

Once you've chosen your smiley, you'll want to insert it. This is done either by double clicking the smiley, by right-clicking on the smiley, or by using the Insert button/drop-down menu at the top of the sidebar. There are a number of formats that you can insert your smiley with - and which one is used will depend on what you have selected in your options. By default, it will insert the smiley using the Forum Format.

The smiley will be inserted into the last active textarea or textbox. In some cases, this may not work as the JavaScript and AJAX on websites can interfere with Smiley Xtra. In these cases, you may want to configure Smiley Xtra to copy the smiley to the clipboard and then insert the smiley yourself, rather than having Smiley Xtra insert it directly. You can do this in the Smiley Xtra options dialogue.

Saving Favourite Smilies

If there's a smiley you use often, and want to save it so you don't have to search for it everytime, then you can save it by right-clicking it and selecting Add to Favourites. You can then recall your favourites at any time by clicking the Favourites button at the top of the sidebar, and inserting the smilies as you would for a normal search result.

Smiley Xtra creates a new bookmark folder in your bookmarks and saves all of your favourite smilies into it. Please don't alter the bookmarks within this folder, or you may lose your favourited smilies.


Smiley Xtra's options can be accessed either by clicking the Preferences button in the Add-Ons dialogue, or by choosing Options... from the drop down menu in the Smiley Xtra sidebar.

The options should all be self-explanatory, with the possible exception of the Custom Format option. The Custom Format option allows you to insert the smilies with your own formatting rather than one of the built in ones such as Forum Format. Smiley Xtra will replace the following text in the custom format box with the appropriate values: