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Smiley Xtra has been discontinued. Please read this message to find out more.

From their humble beginnings on internet bulletin boards, smilies have grown and evolved and can now be found everywhere. They've found their way on to phones, into online chat and have even appeared on the silver screen. But now it's time for them to make another giant leap for smiley kind!

Introducing Smiley Xtra 5, the latest evolution of the popular Smiley Xtra extension for Firefox. Smiley Xtra lets you insert smilies into forum posts and blogs, right from within your browser. No more searching the internet for the perfect smiley, because every smiley you could possibly want is now tucked away in your sidebar.

What's New?

And, of course, it's still 100% free and 100% safe. We're not going to infest your system with spyware, nor are we going to install anything you don't want. Just smilies, smilies and more smilies!!

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